IBWA’s Recycling Rex Encourages Consumers to Be Intentional About Recycling

Meet Recycling Rex—IBWA’s talking green dinosaur who is both a conservationist and a comical street reporter that is the host of a series of YouTube edu-tainment videos that educate consumers about the importance of recycling.

Filmed before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IBWA’s Recycling Rex talks with students at Emory University about their recycling habits. The goal is to present fun content on social media that inspires viewers to not only take action by recycling but also share this video series to help educate their friends about how one small step can have a big impact.

This is not a trick question: You’ve got an empty plastic drink bottle, but there’s no recycling bin in sight. What do you do? Watch and learn as Recycling Rex puts university students on the spot to hear their HONEST answers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef8apN3usnQ #WorkTogether #MakeABIGDifference #RecyclingRex (Video filmed pre-COVID-19.)

On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being the “best”), how are you with recycling? Watch this video to find out how you compare with college students stopped on the street for some real-recycling-talk with Recycling Rex. Learn what these students are doing to help ensure plastic beverage bottles end up where they belong: in the recycling bin! #RecycleAtHome #RecycleAtWork #RecycleAtPlay #RecyclingRex (Video filmed pre-COVID-19.)

Do you believe in the afterlife . . . of a plastic water bottle? It does exist—but, as Recycling Rex explains, it only exists if you recycle! Recycled plastic water bottles are a valuable commodity that can go on to have a very productive afterlife—as a new bottle or another useful product, like car interiors, carpet, even clothing and shoes! Help your plastic bottled water containers reach the “next level” by always remembering to recycle! #PutItInTheBin #RecyclingRex #BottledWater #Recycling (Video filmed pre-COVID-19.) www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8hkCI-yhRA

Do your friends recycle? If so – great! If not, it’s time to bring them on board! Every recycler makes a difference. It’s that simple. See what people had to say to Recycling Rex about getting their friends to adopt their recycling habits. #Recycling #PutItInTheBin #RecyclingRex #BottledWater DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED PRE-COVID-19

Don’t be a litterbug! Not only will Recycling Rex not like it, but his fellow recyclers wouldn’t either. See what people had to say about littering and taking responsibility for keeping their public spaces and neighborhoods clean. Remember – always recycle! #Recycling #PutItInTheBin #RecyclingRex DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED PRE-COVID-19