IBWA is on a mission to correct common misconceptions about bottled water and recycling—and we’re doing it through the storytelling of reels.

For the next few weeks, we will be posting reels to educate consumers about the recyclability of plastic containers—including bottled water bottles—and the industry’s environmental sustainability efforts.

IBWA encourages all members and Put It In The Bin partners to share our weekly reels on their social media accounts by doing one of the following options:

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Option 2: Post the reel yourself by following the instructions below.

Focus: Small Environmental Impact

WEEK 1 POST: Researchers studied the entire life cycle of packaged beverage containers to determine which had the lowest environmental impact. The conclusion: PET bottled water containers impact the environment less than aluminum cans, paperboard cartons, glass bottles, or even PET soda bottles. The reason: PET bottled water containers weigh less, and lower material usage means less impact from material extraction and manufacturing. #H2OFactCheck #PIITB

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You may be wondering, what is a reel? Instagram stories and Facebook reels are vertical videos that can last up to 90 seconds. These short, attention-grabbing videos have become the fastest-growing feature on these platforms and are favored by the algorithm, which means you can get a lot more engagement for your brand.

Another advantage: We’ll be posting reels with trending audio tracks to help us gain even more views. Just follow the instructions below to add your favorite audio clip to the reel.

This week’s trending audio examples:

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5: Then follow Instagram’s next steps to add the caption and post!

For more information about IBWA’s Social Media Campaign,

contact IBWA Vice President of Communications Jill Culora: jculora@bottledwater.org.