#YouCan #WeWill

Now is a great time to educate consumers about what they can do to ramp up their personal recycling efforts. This Put It In The Bin campaign—#YouCan #WeWill—presents simple, focused tips and educational facts to inspire consumers to recycle. Put It In The Bin uses the #YouCan tag to highlight how everyone can make a difference; the #WeWill tag showcases how the bottled water industry actively works to help increase recycling rates, use recycled content, and continue being a good steward of the environment.

The recycling rate for PET bottled water containers hovers around 33 percent—and the rate for PET plastic bottles in general is lower, at 29 percent. If we want the bottled water industry to meet any of the recycled content mandates that are on the horizon, recycling rates for PET and HDPE plastics are going to have to significantly increase. And industry alone can’t do that.

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