Plastic Facts

Put It In The Bin’s “The Transparent Truth About Plastics” campaign highlights the fact that all bottled water plastic containers—whether PET, HDPE, or polycarbonate—can be recycled. Here’s an important fact the public probably isn’t aware of: Bottled water packaging, particularly our 3- and 5-gallon polycarbonate bottles, work harder than any other product packaging to support circularity. What’s “circularity” you ask? It’s a system aimed at making the most of resources by reusing them over and over again. Polycarbonate plastic is a type of plastic that is sometimes used for those 3- and 5-gallon water jugs, and they are used, washed, and recycled up to 50 times—and then turned into new bottles.

On social media, you’ll see lot of misinformation being spread about the recyclability of bottled water containers. In fact, messaging exists stating that plastic water bottles can’t be recycled or they can only be recycled once. So, Put It In The Bin is on a mission to put an end to those myths and let people know that bottled water bottles can be recycled over and over again! And we’d like your help in getting that message out to the public! Hopefully, together we can inspire them to take that extra step and recycle.

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