Fact: Water Packaged in Paper Cartons Is NOT Better 

Did you know? Most recycling facilities don’t have what it takes to recycle single-use paper products that are coated with plastic, wax, or aluminum.  You have to remember that just because a product is “recyclable” doesn’t mean it actually gets recycled!

In fact, some “paper” cartons contain MORE plastic than some bottled water containers! The average amount of plastic in a 16.9 oz bottled water container is 8.3 grams; the average amount of plastic in a 16.9 oz “paper” carton is 9.1 grams.

Let’s make eco-conscious choices for our Earth!  #GoGreen #SustainableChoices #SaveOurForests #PutItInTheBin

#RecylableOrNot – Post 2

#RecylableOrNot – Post 3

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