Make a Difference

Facebook and Instagram: Did you know that the majority of PET bottles collected from curbside recycling programs and bottle deposit programs are turned into recycled PET (rPET) that goes to the fiber industry so that it can produce items like this sweater? It’s true—and industry competition for rPET is fierce! #YouCan help to increase the amount of rPET available by always remembering to recycle your plastic beverage bottles—with caps on! That will increase the amount of recycled content available for everyone to use. And the bottled water industry, #WeWill continue to increase our use of rPET and rHDPE from available supplies to create new plastic bottles and help establish a closed-loop economy—which means creating new plastic bottles from recycled ones and keeping them out of landfills! #PutItInTheBin #BottledWaterFacts #Recycling

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